Intercheese Holland is a real family business with a rich history. In 1959, father Hans van Beek started in Veenendaal with the transport bicycle as a peddler with cheese from door to door. His father and two brothers were also active in the cheese business - the passion for cheese has been passed down from father to son for decades. Meanwhile, Hans's children and grandchildren also work in our company.

A real family business

Founder Hans van Beek soon drove a van and expanded sales to various commodity markets in Veenendaal and the surrounding area. His children and grandchildren grew up with cheese and developed just as much love for the product as their father and grandfather. It is therefore not surprising that they have also acquired their place in our family business.

Cheese wholesale and further expansion

Entrepreneurship and trading has been instilled in our family from an early age. In the 1990s, the company was expanded with a cheese wholesaler. This was the starting point of a nice growth. For example, it led to the development of activities in various countries and to the acquisition of a modest cheese factory. This gives us the opportunity to develop our own unique cheeses in a fair and sustainable way.

Exclusive cheeses

In our own factory we produce cheeses that are unique in shape and taste. We also have agreements with cheese factories and farmers in the Netherlands and abroad, who produce cheese exclusively for us and our customers. We have cheeses that you will not find anywhere else.

The supplier for top quality cheese

We have now grown into the supplier of top quality cheese. You will find our cheeses at markets, in cheese shops, cheese wholesalers, at catering suppliers and at locations in Europe and beyond. And despite our growth over the years, we remain a true family business. This means that we consider the personal relationship with our customers and suppliers very important. Are you in the area? Come in for a cup of coffee and a good chat!


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